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Due to increased shipping costs, please call the store at 757-565-2955 to place your order.
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Pierce's Pitt Original Bar-B-Que and Meats

This item is perishable and requires special handling. Please call Pierce's at 757-565-2955 to obtain pricing and delivery information.

Pulled pork sandwich on bun with coleslaw

Pierce's Original Bar-B-Que

Sold in four-pound increments (SHIPPED ORDERS ONLY). One pound makes approximately four regular sized sandwiches.


Barbecue ribs on a wood cutting board

Pierce's Pit Cooked Ribs

A full rack of baby back ribs rubbed with Pierce's dry rub, smoked over hickory and oak wood, then brushed with 'Doc' Pierce's Honey Barbeque Sauce.

$23.99 full rack

sliced brisket on a wood cutting board

Pierce's Pit Cooked Brisket

One pound of our slow 14 hour smoked Certified Angus Beef Brisket. (16 oz.)

$34.95 lb

"Doc" Pierce's Barbecue Sauce

It's an oft-told story. After all, anything that makes food taste this good isn't easily forgotten. In 1971, "Doc" Pierce set out from Flat Creek, Tennessee with his most prized possession - his family's bar-b-que sauce recipe. After settling in Williamsburg, it wasn't long before he and the family opened Pierce's Pitt. The rest, as they say, is history. And now, the recipe lives on...the tradition lives on...the taste...well, now you can have the taste in your own home with "Doc" Pierce's Original Bar-B-Que Sauce. It not only makes a great story, but it also makes great bar-b-que.

Pierces Bar-B-Que original sauce

"Doc" Pierce's Original Bar-B-Que Sauce 

(17.5 oz.)


Pierces Bar-B-Que honey bbq sauce

"Doc" Pierce's Honey Bar-B-Que Sauce

(17.5 oz.)


Pierces Bar-B-Que hot sauce

Pierce's Bar-B-Que Hot Sauce

(5 oz.)


Pierces BAr-B-Que hot sauce, honey sauce, and original sauce

Pierce's Triple Play Gift Set

When Bar-B-Que Sauce is not enough, this gift set includes one bottle of "Doc" Pierce's Original BBQ Sauce, one bottle of "Doc" Pierce's Honey Bar-B-Que Sauce and one bottle of Pierce's Bar-B-Que Hot Sauce.